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April 16, 2010

The Daily Fix April 16, 2010

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Emily Wilkinson has Part II of her essay entitled “Ethical Vampires”, comparing and contrasting the writing styles and universes of Charlaine Harris and Stephanie Meyer. In this installment she utterly shreds Meyer. While I could do without so much “We have met the Vampyre, and it is us,” moralizing and anti-capitalist rhetoric from Wilkinson, she did point out something that had never quite occurred to me before.

Nor does Meyer’s saga question the goodness of the Cullens—though other than Carlisle, the doctor vampire, they don’t do any useful work in their community, aren’t particularly friendly or generous, and generally seem to live only to satisfy their own material desires (for cars, clothes, travel).

And you know, she right. If the Cullens are so noble, why aren’t they wandering the earth, helping the helpless, getting into adventures? You know, like ensouled, guilt-racked vampires traditionally do? I mean, sure, a story about a mass-murdering vampire searching for redemption with the aid of a psychic chick and a group of allies would most likely cause Joss Whedon to sue, but hey, if Dan Brown and JK Rowling can be accused for plagiarism, why not Stephanie Meyer?

Not to mention any writer about whom this can be validly said,

[Breaking Dawn] makes Harry Potter, with its dead parents, friends, classmates, teachers, and relatives, look like brutal realism.

needs to reevaluate life.


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