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April 16, 2010

The Morning Wire April 16, 2010

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Not a lot out there today. Mark Steyn highlights the utter ridiculousness of this story from Britain, and links to this blog, which shows some of the weird alliances that the crisis of civilizations over there has brought. The three examples the author lists: Buddhists in Warsaw are protesting the building of a mega-mosque, Richard Dawkins is having second thoughts about the collapse of Christianity in Britain, and a group called the English Defense League (ironically, all about defending traditional values and culture) has a LGBT wing. One commenter notes:

As a gay man who is also a Buddhist I never thought I’d vote for the BNP. But having friends attacked by packs of Muslim youths simply for being gay I’m changing my opinion and will be voting for the BNP since nobody else will protect us. The BNP may not be exactly pro-gay but unlike the Muslims they don’t want to kill us.

This would all be kind of funny if it wasn’t so deadly serious.


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