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April 21, 2010

Afternoon Bulletin 4/21/10

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Politics in the US at the moment is, quite frankly, boring as dirt. Seriously, when the big news of the past week is Joe Klein accusing the tea party movement of sedition, you know things are dull. To be fair, the Florida GOP (Charlie Crist’s outfit) is being investigated by the FBI and the IRS, but Crist is about to lose a primary for US Senate to conservative Marco Rubio, so it’s not like he’s the poster child of the Movement. Still, boring.

Not so over in Britain!

Things have hit the fan over the past few days as the Liberal Democrats, Britain’s once dominant and now perennial third party has made a surge in the polls, thanks to the crumbling British economy, the strong desire among voters for “change”, and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg’s strong performance in last week’s televised debate against Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative Party chief David Cameron, the first ever in British history (you read that right, they’ve never done one before). The election is May 6, and the chattering class across the pond is seriously contemplating the prospect of a Prime Minister Clegg, something laughable even two weeks ago.

Anyway, the second debate is tonight, and should be well-worth watching. C-SPAN will be airing it Sunday night at 9 PM. The link above to the Daily Telegraph has lots of great election resources. Stay tuned.


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