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April 23, 2010

The Morning Bulletin 4/23/10

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Mona Charen praises Justice Samuel Alito for standing on his own in the 8-1 decision United States vs. Stevens, in which the court overturned an animal cruelty law banning ” the creation, sale, or possession of certain types of animal-cruelty videos” (warning: the link contains some disturbing written material), which Charen characterizes (accurately, IMHO), as appealing to “a level of depravity that makes some of us want to resign from the human race”. Kudos to Justice Alito for making the right decision in voting to uphold the law, and not getting drawn into an overly theoretical view of the First Amendment.

Michelle Malkin asks John McCain to fulfill on of my more deeply-held desires: that he would just go away. Also, that he would stop pretending to be a conservative when he clearly isn’t.

I need a Dramamine to cover Sen. John McCain’s reelection bid. With his desperate lurch to the right, he’s inducing more motion sickness than a Disneyland teacup. McCain’s campaign represents the same self-serving political cynicism that American voters have grown tired of stomaching from the current White House. We need choices, not carbon copies.

Rush Limbaugh calls out liberals (and Bill Clinton specifically) for exploiting the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing to smear conservatives and tea party activists.


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