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June 1, 2010

The Daily Fix 6/1/10 eReader Edition

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Later today I’ll be posting a May edition of “New Releases of Note”, so I won’t go over the same material twice. Today, let’s talk about the new eReaders Borders is launching in conjunction with the Borders eBook Store, also coming out this month.

Borders is going to be releasing two new eReader devices to compete with Amazon’s Kindle. The Kobo eReader is due to hit stores June 17, and the Libre eReader is coming out on July 2. Both are available to pre-order, however, the Kobo sold out of its first shipment, so those ordering now would have to wait until July 2 (same day as the Libre).

As I see it, these devices have two big advantages of the Kindle. The first is the price. The Kobo eReader is priced at $149.99, and the Libre is going for only $119.99. Compare that to the Kindle, which will cost you a cool $259.99. That’s a big difference. Second big advantage is purchasing freedom. With the Kindle, you can only buy eBooks from With both of the Borders devices, you can upload eBooks from a variety of sources and file formats, i.e. you’re not tied to the Borders store.

I’m not the only one excited. PC World, Wired, and Gizmodo have all taken notice, with the low price as the big attention grabber. Only time will tell if either of these are, as Charlie Sorrel of Wired put it, the “Kindle-killer”, but they should be well-worth checking out.


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