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June 1, 2010

The Morning Bulletin 6/1/10

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So there’s oil in the Gulf, Greece is still a ticking fiscal time bomb, and, oh yeah, the Israeli military shot some morons thought it would be a good idea to attack some Israeli commandos while trying to sail into Gaza. They’re lucky they didn’t try that stunt in North Korea; we’d be fishing their torpedoed bodies out of the drink (or against the Egyptians, who are also maintaining the Gaza blockade).

In other news, the New Republic (of all sources) has a pretty good rebuttal to Paul Krugman‘s increasingly knee-jerk calls for more “stimulus” money from Congress. Krugman used to be readable, but honestly, he’s become an economic barfly, the only words out of his mouth being, “Gimme another round!” Anyway, the column by William Galston isn’t half bad, though he does kind of wimp out at the end. Eh, what do you expect?

Oh, and Jonah Goldberg has a column about the sustainability (or lack thereof) of the current welfare state model. My one beef is that he repeats what is becoming “conventional wisdom” on the right that federal workers make too much money.

Moreover, the average federal worker earns over 70% more than the average private sector worker,

Well, yeah. Most jobs with the federal government require you to have a Bachelor’s Degree, at the minimum, so of course they’re going to pay better on average than whole of the private sector. Unlike the private sector, the federal government doesn’t need (for the most part) to employ bus boys, cashiers, electricians’ apprentices, housekeepers, part-time help, etc, so “average income” is a really poor metric to use. Also, a large percentage of federal workers work and live in Washington, DC, where the cost of living is a lot higher than, say, Butte, MT. You HAVE to pay those people more.

The argument that public sector workers should make, on average, the same as private sector workers, is just that same old leftist canard about “income inequality” warmed over for a Tea Party era, and a good number of conservatives are falling for it. Our fiscal woes do not come from fat paychecks for bureaucrats; they come from entitlement spending, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and now Obamacare, for which we have no way to pay. That’s where the problem lies, and it’s from there that a solution must come.


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