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July 31, 2010

Not Content With Vampires and Hellboy, Guillermo del Toro Sets sights on Cthulhu Mythos

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Via Moe Lane, via Nodwick. Apparently, the director/writer has partnered with James Cameron to direct At The Mountains Of Madness, H.P. Lovecraft’s tale of the discovery of the terrifying, madness-inducing, non-Euclidian ruins of a pre-human civilization in the depths of Antarctica.

The main issues that financiers have had is that del Toro needed his movie to be a period film, and he needed it to be R-rated. Movies like that are really hard to market, and so studios, such as Universal in this case, haven’t wanted to pay for it. Thankfully, Guillermo cares more about his craft than money, and hasn’t budged on either front to get it made sooner.

So why would Universal decide that they were finally ready to take the risk? One name: James Cameron. According to the reports, the Avatar director has decided to back del Toro’s vision and come on as a producer. Not only that, but the movie will be in 3D, and there’s no one else on the planet right now that you want in your corner when it comes to 3D more than James Cameron. They even plan to start pre-production immediately with hopes of filming some time next summer.

The story delves into Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and follows a team of researchers on an expedition to Antarctica in the 1930s. They venture to a range of mountains that reach even higher into the skies than the Himalayas. What the discover there is some mysterious ruins and the remains of many lifeforms — some badly damaged and some in perfect condition — that they decide to call the “Elder Things.” Eventually these ancient beings somehow become reanimated, creating major issues for the research team.

Given del Toro’s record as a director (Pan’s Labyrinth, the Hellboy franchise, etc.), and the fact that, as Avatar and Alien show, no one can do big, sweeping world-building/terrifying, chitinous, death-dealing monsters like James Cameron, there is no reason to expect this movie to be anything but spectacular. Of course, it could also give millions of movie-goers a mind-shattering glimpse at the antediluvian nightmare reality that lurks in the shadows of our blissfully unaware civilization, but hey, art comes at a price.


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