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August 27, 2010

Poor Susan Jacoby

Filed under: News & Politics — mikecgannon @ 10:03 AM

She’s upset that her fellow travelers in the left-wing cultural elite prefer racial bigotry to religious bigotry.

I find myself in a lonely place in relation to many liberals, political and religious, because I cannot accept a multiculturalism that tends to excuse, under the rubric of “tolerance,” religious and cultural practices that violate universal human rights.

See Susan, I know this going to be hard for you to accept, but the opinion leaders on your side of the aisle don’t consider folks outside of the West worth criticizing because, well, they don’t consider them worth criticizing. It’s what President Bush (remember him?) called “the soft bigotry of low expectations”. Your friends don’t expect any more from non-Westerners, aka non-whites, because they don’t believe them capable of more. When one is more concerned with self-flagellation over crimes real and imagined by one’s own culture than with working to make actual improvements in the lives of people around the world, that’s not multiculturalism, that’s cultural supremacism in as insidious a form as any.

Oh, and Susan? Let me clear one more thing up for you.

[Ayaan Hirsi Ali] is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and that alone is enough to make her a pariah to many liberals. Her thinking has clearly been influenced by the narrow prism of her colleagues — she is under the mistaken impression, for example, that most American feminists are indifferent to universal human rights — but liberals ought to be asking themselves why they never reached out to her.

Most American feminists are indifferent to universal human rights. It’s a distraction from blogging about their sex lives and rending their garments over the increasingly pro-life direction of the country (Hot Air via Lori Ziganto).



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