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About Myself

Write every day. I’ve read a good bit of advice by famous authors on becoming a writer, and one point they all have in common is the exhortation to write every single day. Simple, right? Wrong. Writing, for lack of a better word, sucks. It’s hard, it’s humiliating, and it’s never as much fun as, say, engaging in a flame war over health care policy on Facebook. Writing would be like praying, if three months later a seraphim would send a form letter thanking you for your prayer, but informing you that it does not fit Heaven’s needs at this particular time, and your pastor began encouraging you to begin looking at other deities. Get the idea?

So out of a desire to at least start moving in the direction of building a daily writing habit, I am writing this blog. It will be about whatever I happen to feel like writing and/or linking to on a given day, which means lots of book reviews, a decent amount of news and conservative political opinion, some sports, the occasional music review, and Catholic news and devotional stuff.

For myself, I’m a politically conservative Roman Catholic man in my 20s, work as a supervisor in a book store, live in a rural area, and am currently single. The rest is none of your darn business.



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